The Blessing of Peace... can we really imagine it?

Since history was recorded, there has always been a war going on somewhere, often two or more simultaneously. Every day, our newspapers and television bring news of violence. In business and commerce there are wars going on quietly all the time, as manufacturers and suppliers slide their prices up, as workers fight for higher wages or face redundancy from outsourcing to cheap-labour countries.

And there are battles over the environment with planners and polluters and mining companies. Can we imagine a world without violence, without aggression? Can we imagine the Blessing of Peace?

Yes, probably, but only in a semi-dream state of supreme personal relaxation and boundless optimism. Yes, it could be possible to close one's eyes and imagine that everyone, including and especially oneself, is friendly, tolerant, good-natured, relaxed, ever-willing to improve one's own lot yet making sure to do so without causing detriment to others.

Indeed we really need to go one step better, helping others in need, tolerating their imperfections as we would wish them to tolerate ours. There are certainly signs of hope here; individual and national response to emergencies, floods and earthquakes is instant and generous. And every community can show examples of groups who care for the elderly or those with special needs.

And yes, it could be possible – though perhaps a touch more difficult – to visualize a clean efficient, productive, honest government which prevents injury without causing unnecessary interference in private lives, government which provides fair rules in commerce and industry, with a fair and protective use of natural resources.

Yes it is possible to imagine a world in which nothing of value is destroyed, only improved.

Yes it is possible to imagine. And it is possible to create. Moreover once we start, it becomes easier.

Fair laws are vital. This is the framework within which we live and work. Good governance is essential, governance based on true principles and executed openly, honestly and productively.

If governance is based on one simple law: Do No Harm, personal liberty will be maximized for all, and the natural resources will be used fairly and respectfully.

In the all-important area of industry and commerce, Remuneration, Price and Profit Evaluation can ensure that everyone receives a just reward relative to work contributed, as well as ensuring monetary stability and protection against inflation. Proper credit management can ensure full employment, a rewarding job for everyone who wants one. Collaboration, opportunity and a perception of justice can work wonders with our creativity and thus prosperity. Indeed Peace and Prosperity go hand in hand, each building upon the other.

Peace has a lot to offer. Aggression can offer extreme wealth for some, poverty for many others. Peace can make us all prosperous. We should give peace a try.

Embrace Renewal