There is a fundamental difference among people: a difference in power. Some are physically stronger than others, more forceful, more aggressive, some manifest their superior power through enhanced organizational and entrepreneurial skills, some are simply more cunning and deceitful. These are the people who control the destiny of our world, and by and large, they do so for their own advantage, advancing their own wealth and prosperity by diminishing that of others.

Look at the history of social and political institutions and what do we find? We find slavery, feudalism, and industrial low-wage exploitation.

Those enjoying superior wealth, background and the political influence that goes with it, have consistently ordered society in ways which permit them to live comfortably from the proceeds of other people's toil. This transfer of work and wealth from the poor to the powerful took place through three major phases: slavery, feudalism, and low-wage industrial employment.

In early Greek and Roman times, a Gentleman owned slaves; in the Middle Ages he owned land which was worked for him by peasants who were bound to him; in Victorian times he owned factories, paying workers barely enough to buy food and shelter.

Then Karl Marx and friends invited the 'poor masses' to throw off the yoke of oppression, turn the tables and plunder the riches of their old masters. And this, encouraged by the newly invented doctrines of Socialism and Communism, they did.

Today we have Democracy or Majority Rule, in which everyone tries to enlist the aid of Government to provide them with subsidies or welfare which someone else – anybody or everybody, this generation or the next – will have to pay for. We all have our personal wish-lists of very worthy and highly justifiable needs; and if we can get others to pay for them, all the better.

With very few exceptions, our lives and attitudes are geared to getting what we want, if necessary at the expense of others. In small ways every day we put people down to make ourselves feel more important. The bigger fish, those with higher aspirations, seek out ways in business or politics through which they can attain personal wealth far in excess of anything a normal day's work could justify – and our world counts many multi-billionaires who've made it. Do we decry the aggression, the corruption, the dubious share deals, the political influence which got them there, or do we secretly wish we had done the same?

Aggression is fundamental to our attitudes, in life, business, and politics. It is the foundation of our civilization.

3. Aggression: Winner Takes All

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